Create a Skyrim character

After ~200 hours on the same save, I want to start over. So why not do a do-over with this forum controlling my entire history and goals?

My mod list, to get an idea of what I can/can’t do in-game.

The only mod you’re missing is the Skyrim - “Peeing on people” mod. yes it exists

Anyway, you want some character backstory, here you go. Hope you read “The Real Barenziah”, 'cause if you don’t you’re going to be really confused.

You’re a nord named Straw. That’s really all you’ve been called, 'cause since you were taken out of your mother’s womb, you were laid straight in the straw, and you haven’t left, for the most part. All your life you’ve been around straw, feeding it to the horses in the stable and keeping them in line for the past 17 years of your life, from the time you could hold a pitchfork.

And it wasn’t so bad. It was a simple life, feed the horses for a wealthy family who had the cutest daughter anyone could ask for. She was a dark elf by the name of Barenziah, but she was pretty and good-natured. Things weren’t ever so bad with her around, she would sometimes come out to the stable for small talk and company, and it wasn’t too bad to listen to her at all.

In fact, the relationship was pretty pivotal in order for you to save her life. You were working in the stables, minding your own business, when you overhear her father talking to one of the neighbors about an arranged marriage. Now, it’s usually out of your place to go snooping into other people’s matters but knowing Barenziah and how fanciful her imagination was, you can’t let someone who wishes to travel all over Nirn just be married off to some terrible bloke and be stuck as a housewife, so what do you do?

You tell her about the marriage.

She’s terribly shocked to hear about it and awfully distressed, and you can tell that she’s racking her brain for options, so you offer the one thing you’ve wanted to do for a long time.

In the middle of the night, you two saddle up on a horse and ride. You ride and ride, and after a while you end up in a town called Whiterun, book a room at an inn, and stay there.

Everything is good for a while, you’re both working hard jobs to support each other, and everything is slowly looking to take shape. At some point, it seems like a good idea to maybe settle down somewhere together, buy a farm and work together on it to make a decent living. It’s nice, you know.

After a few days at Whiterun, you both take a job protecting some scruffy caravan heading southeast to Riften. It might have been the best move, because you’re both runaways and people are still looking for you, so it’s best to be on the move and not let too much heat gather in one place at one time. This caravan is being cheap, though, taking all the unsafe back roads to escape tolls on the main roads. So, yeah, work isn’t easy but it does pay and get you far away from where you were.

After a week’s travel, you and Barenziah both arrive in Riften, paid “in full” by the trading caravan, and guess who’s waiting just for you.

General Symmachus of the Imperial legion is twiddling his thumbs at the gate.

He doesn’t want you, oh no. Turns out Barenziah is a dark elf princess, and you just got turned in by one of your old bosses in Whiterun. After the General threatens you with your own life, he cuts your tongue out so that you can’t ever tell anyone about Princess Barenziah’s past. And that’s the last you ever see of her, before you’re taken into Imperial custody.

And there you go. have fun playing Skyrim with your new backstory.

Here’s a link to Straw, and his character.