'Crazy' Bowling Mode for more randomization


Basically I’ve seen a lot of people get a lot of strikes because they already know how to. It seems too easy, because there’s no element of randomization.

This is why I’m suggesting a second game mode for Bowling, which you can select before your Bowling game starts.

This ‘Crazy’ mode would make each round have a random mutator. Each person has to play with the same mutator, so it’s actually fair.
What I mean by this is:
Round 1 - Mutator places objects on track or whatever - Each player has to play through this round - Next round there’s a different mutator. (1 Round being 1 round out of the total amount of frames (10 i think?))

One mutator might randomly place some bouncy platforms on the track, an other might randomly place the bowling pins on the track, another one maybe adds wind, so you have to calculate your shoot because it wont go in a straight line,…

Yeah so I’m suggesting a kind of random bowling game mode, since the default one can get a bit boring.
The default one will be practice for the crazier, more random one then I guess.



I think I would like if I could manually select a specific mutator as well, but overall it could be fun :slight_smile:

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Yeah that sounds cool too. In that case maybe the suggestion should just be “Mutators for Bowling” (or plaza minigames in general), because iirc mutators were only planned for game worlds - But for something like Bowling they would be a really nice addition.

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I like it, but my one concern is the impact it might have on lag. I know a potential fix is in the pipeline, but adding more functionality to bowling might make the lag on it worse as well just because there’d be more to simulate than just the bowling ball and pins. I don’t know how much of an impact, so it could just as easily be negligible. If it were negligible, though, I’d love to see some added challenge to the game. It’d be a great way to get players to learn how to make crazier shots than “this one gets me strikes the most often, I’ll just keep trying to replicate it.”

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Yeah perhaps, though on the other hand I do like the idea of a Crazy Mode for all gameworlds as well. For example, it reminds of one mode in a different golf game where the ball would randomly change shape every round (Was it Golf With Friends?). In any case, I’d play it :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is an interesting topic, and there is a game on PS3 called High Velocity Bowling that may hold the solution. Basically it has a mode that has players try to pull off trick shots by either knocking all pins down that are in splits, throw the ball down the lane and avoid traffic cones, or even throw the ball down the lane and underneath metal chairs. So I’d be interested in something like that, though incorporating it could be a bit of a challenge.