Crack Open setting for doors

I’d love if you could leave doors cracked open in their ‘closed’ state, with a slider to adjust how far open it is. It’d be great for adding detail to builds, letting players peek into areas they can’t access or adding a bit of suspense for a horror themed build.

Not a bad idea. We have future plans for doors with Condo IO events such as:

  • Keys
  • Locked will have expanded options, such as locked for key, locked always, locked except admins, etc.
  • Lock will make a locked sound when you attempt to use it while locked
  • Slamming animation (Condo IO event)
  • Shaking animation (Condo IO event)
  • Door speed

Are there plans to have locked doors protected with passcodes?

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That’d be done by using a Keypad and connecting them via IO.


Can one of the “keys” be a car door keyfob.

Press the button to lock the door with the typical chirp.