Courtyard Villa & Arcade Phase 1.5 (

New Condo: Courtyard Villa

Own your own tropical island, complete with a pool, basketball court, and private runway.

Head to Jeff at the Condo Realtor store located inside of Sweet Suites Furnishings. Don’t keep Jeff waiting.

Arcade: Phase 1.5

During development of Arcade Phase 2, we have touched on our existing arcade games and improved several of them. Instead of having you wait, we decided to get these changes out to you now!

Super Hoopers

  • Basketballs about to be thrown are now transparent, allowing for easier aiming!
  • It’s now a lot easier to grab basketballs. You no longer need to aim exactly at a ball to pick it up, you can just grab from the return area.


  • Completely reworked gameplay. Cups were replaced with grid score holes.
  • Added a bonus mode when the offering meters are full.
  • You now have 25 balls to throw instead of just 12.
  • There’s also now a UFO that hovers back and forth that will fire at the balls.

Ring God

  • Vastly improved ring scoring detection. Before, oftentimes rings around bottles were not counted. Now they are.

Ice Cave

  • There is no longer a limit of balls you can throw.
  • The glass screen was lifted up.


  • There are now bonus zones that are randomly picked over time. Pocket the ball in the bonus zone for an extra 150 tickets!


  • Added a new bonus mode after you reach 500 points.

Other Arcade games have had tweaks, visual improvements, and payout changes. We plan to keep updating the existing games towards the upcoming Phase 2 release.

Sprummer Plaza Update

Including all this, the Plaza has had a few changes such as a new Fresh Store interior, improved palm trees, and optimizations.

New Teleporter Targeter System

For Condo builders, various improvements to the teleporters have been made. You now can set rotations for teleporters!

You can also set your own custom use prompts and there’s a new target editor which will allow you to quickly and easily adjust teleporter positions without the need of the target tool.

Highrise Cleanup

The Highrise condo has several improvements and bug fixes included in this update.

Be sure to read the changes at the bottom of this change log for more information!


  • New Condo: Courtyard Villa
  • Plaza: Fresh Store Art Pass
  • Sprummer Plaza Update
  • Condo - Highrise Trim/Detail Cleanup
  • Added title bars to options in condo edit UIs to make it easier to tell apart and organize
  • Moved the old soda can into the vending machine and updated its graphics
  • Casino: Free spin in Wheel of Money now gives you two free spins instead of just one
  • Condo: New targeting editor. For items that use targets (teleporters, strings, etc.) you can now more easily set their target. By clicking on “Set Target” within the item editor, you’ll enter a target mode where you can select the target based on where you are looking or based on where your current camera/position is. You no longer need to use the targeting tool!
  • Condo: You can now adjust the rotation of teleporter destinations
  • Condo: Added an option to set a custom label for the teleporter use prompts
  • Condo: Added an option to set a custom label for the NPC use prompt
  • Condo: Added an option to set NPCs to stare at players (by default NPCs will no longer stare at players)
  • Improved the Plaza map teleport screen to be more easy to use and more visible to find locations
  • Added a graphics setting to adjust the mirror quality
  • Arcade - Little Birde Feeders: Sped up the basket movement
  • Arcade - Little Birde Feeders: Updated the colors of the score rings to be based on how much they are worth instead of all being purple
  • Arcade - Offering: Improved physics and fixed balls getting marked as invalid before they have settled
  • Arcade - Offering: Completely reworked the gameplay. Small cups were replaced with a grid with score holes, making it much more easier to get the balls into the scores
  • Arcade - Offering: Added bonus mode. When the offering meters are full (1,500 points reached), every cup will be worth extra tickets
  • Arcade - Offering: You now have 25 balls to throw instead of 12
  • Arcade - Offering: Reduced the timer from 40 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Arcade - Offering: You can only hold one ball at a time now, instead of 5
  • Arcade - Offering: Reduced point amounts on the score zones a bit
  • Arcade - Offering: Added a UFO that hovers back and forth over the holes that will fire at balls that intersect with its searchlight beam
  • Arcade - Ring God: Vastly improved ring score detection
  • Arcade - Ring God: Scaled up the rings just a tad
  • Arcade - Ice Cave: There is no longer a limit of balls you can throw
  • Arcade - Ice Cave: Increased payouts. 50 points are now worth 5 tickets (instead of 1) and reaching 6500 points will give you 500 tickets (instead of 50)
  • Arcade - Ice Cave: Lifted up the glass screen so you can easily throw without hitting it
  • Arcade - Super Hoopers: Basketballs in hand now are translucent, allowing you to aim better
  • Arcade - Super Hoopers: Made it easier to grab balls (you no longer need to aim exactly at the ball to pickup, just the area)
  • Arcade - Tornado: Added bonus zones that are now randomized
  • Arcade - Tornado: Reduced token cost (from 10 to 5)
  • Arcade - Avalanche: Updated visuals a bit, making the blue targets more noticeable
  • Arcade - Avalanche: Once you reach the bonus 500 points, you can now make additional tickets for each target hit after passing it (no longer maxes out at 500 tickets)
  • Arcade - Avalanche: After reaching bonus, all catsacks will become double points
  • Arcade: Renamed and rethemed a few games. The alley roller is now called Starfield Lanes and Wheely Rigged is now called Sunlight Roller.
  • Arcade: When you are about to throw one ball/ring (instead of all at once), it’ll now display just the one ball/ring instead of all of them, allowing you to better aim
  • Friends who are hosting a game will now have a “hosting” tag on your friend list
  • Added clean variations to a Chain-link Fence items
  • Condo: You can now toggle off certain static models in Condos
  • Added new items to Sweet Suites: Modern Toilet, Modern Bathtub, Modern Bath Shelf, Modern Bathroom Sink, Modern Showerhead, Upper Cabinet Shelf, Upper Cabinet Shelf End
  • Added new items to DIY: Glass Double Doors, Bedroom Double Doors

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed startup crash relating to 10th and 11th gen Intel CPUs
  • Fixed not being able to join other players if they aren’t the host of the server
  • Fixed the wheel stopping/stuttering/desyncing for Wheel of Money, Wheel of Fire, Spin To Win, and Meteoroid Mania
  • Fixed Ball Race orbs flickering when going fast
  • Fixed Ball Race timer reporting incorrect times under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where Co-Op Inventory would show up at all times even without the permission
  • Fixed workshop items not casting shadows even with the setting on
  • Fixed the mirror in condo rendering while upstairs
  • Fixed a bug where preview wearables in workshop editor fade out when zooming in close
  • Fixed a bug with copycat where you could select certain objects in House condo that you shouldn’t be able to (such as the foliage)
  • Fixed RC dragon turning being completely broken
  • Fixed placeable balloon spawning fully extended
  • Fixed water missing in Ball Race: Woodland tubes
  • Fixed tiny potion sometimes spawning at the origin of condo maps
  • Fixed canvas pile collisions when scaled
  • Fixed first person camera clipping when jumping while using tiny potion
  • Fixed third person zoom/in out being off while using tiny potion
  • Fixed not being able to color Monitor, Modern Coffee Table, and Drumset
  • Fixed surfaces not resetting when clearing your condo
  • Fixed snowball battle power up weapon pickup not drawing
  • Fixed various condo surfaces not having the correct footstep sounds
  • House condo: Fixed indirect lighting causing lighting seams between coplanar surfaces, commonly seen on canvas primitives
  • Fixed workshop items that have collision disabled having their collision get toggled back on
  • Arcade - Offering: Fixed “Worthy Offering to the Gods” achievement
  • Arcade: Fixed score light effects not playing sometimes
  • Arcade - Little Birde Feeders: Fixed score rings not resetting their light status after scoring
  • Arcade - Ring God: Fixed the incorrect rows lighting up when getting a score

Highrise Changes:

  • Flattened ceiling on hallway stairwell to open up the space
  • Replaced individual metal girding pieces with modeled bands to remove gaps in geometry
  • Made a cutout in the metal girding for the rooftop staircase
  • Centered the rooftop staircase
  • Made the exterior wall under the rooftop staircase customizable
  • Centered and equalized the size of the rooftop windows near the staircase
  • Centered and made all pieces in each string of guard rail match its neighbor’s size
  • Removed the weird angled guard rail piece outside of the hexagonal tower
  • Remodeled the tower so that it is no longer skewed
  • Made the interior wall of the tower customizable
  • Made a custom collider for the tower glass so the collision is no longer bugged
  • Made the UVs match for the inside walls of the large room and the inside tower wall
  • Replaced the floor molding in most of the condo with pieces that wrap corners and follow staircases
  • Equalized and re-spaced the wall panels for the rooms that have them
  • Separated wall panels into a separate column and panel model so when the ceiling height changes the column can match it without squishing the wall panel
  • Adjusted several changes in ceiling height so that the ceiling terminates on a column instead of in the middle of ceiling trim
  • Removed a lot of superfluous purple floor trim used as decoration
  • Removed the purple monstrosity hiding the hole in geometry between the living room and the 2F hallway
  • Removed some hidden geometry that served no purpose inside the living room supports
  • In both hallways, removed the large supports and raised the beams to make the space more open, less cluttered, and more customizable
  • Removed the 2F hallway wall blocking the skylight to open it up to more natural light
  • Added a rail where the above mentioned wall was
  • Added a screw for hiding the rail in case users want to replace the wall with a canvas cube
  • Remodeled the skylight wall space to fix some geometry issues and open up the skylight a bit more
  • Added a retractable window pane to the skylight
  • Fixed UVs on many outside walls so that they line up with their neighbors
  • Fixed the partial turret so that the angled walls are symmetrical
  • Replaced the outside ramp with a curved staircase (can replace with the original ramp by using the screw similar to the 2F rail)
  • Fixed Z-fighting/overlap issues with the window panes on the outside of the building
  • Added a platform for the bottom of the building so it doesn’t end in the middle of a window pane
  • Added a low res door to the bottom with stairs for aesthetics
  • Fixed a ground floor path z-clipping with the ground
  • Fixed a distant city sticking up at an angle
  • Fixed the black pillars in the pool room to be symmetrical with the opposite wall and spaced more evenly
  • Slightly expanded the entrance room so that a wall panel didn’t wrap around an inside corners
  • Fixed one of the rooftop guard walls terminating at an angle near the living room entrance
  • Split several instanced actors into multiple instanced actors to prevent overdraw
  • Fixed an area of the living room’s black ceiling extending into the hallway in a weird way
  • Fixed some gaps in the wall geometry in the basement
  • Fixed some gaps in the window geometry

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well, super hoopers finally got a buff that is supposed to have. :smiley:

The new villa is gorgeous, folks. Nice work!

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