Couple of Suggestions

I realize that these suggestions most likely have been suggested already, but I want to raise priority for these suggestions because this has been happening far too often for me.

  • Add a way to prevent people from spamming in chat (not voice).

There should be a system in place to prevent people from spamming in text chat. A way this could be achieved is to have the server detect the time it takes in between messages and determines if they should be able to continue saying messages. For example, if someone types a message and then types another message within a short amount of time (not like 2 seconds, more like less than a second) the server will watch them some more and if they continue to type messages within a short timespan the server will then mute them for a short amount of time and notify them that they have been muted due to spamming.

Another way to prevent spamming is to have the server watch what they’re typing and if they type the same message again the server will notify them that their message has been deleted and tell them that they cannot repeat the same message again. For example, let’s say that someone is typing: “come join ball race!” the server will know this and if the same person types the same exact message again it will delete their second message and notify them.

Other multiplayer game servers have used these methods as well, so it’s not my idea, I’m just saying that we need some sort of anti-spam system in place.

  • Add an option to mute all players, disable voice chat, or if it’s possible add a way for the game to remember who you muted and whenever you encounter them again, they will automatically be muted for you.

This suggestion probably won’t be required if 3D voice chat gets implemented, but might still be a nice feature if you don’t want to hear someone screaming into their microphone for a minute.

I am aware that these suggestions have already been suggested, but as stated before, I wanted to raise priority for it because micspam/spamming in general has been happening a lot for me. (and when there’s more than one person doing it, it becomes a pain to find them in the scoreboard one by one and press mute.)

The game’s graphics are amazing, so I want to fit a tiny suggestion here: Make it possible to turn off the game HUD to take some nice screenshots of the game (maybe for wallpaper/editing purposes?)

I’ll probably add more suggestions when I have some.

EDIT 1: Here’s another suggestion! Be able to name different areas of your condo

It would be pretty neat to name the locations of your condo instead of having it “Ocean” this could go with the condo editor. Maybe have it so that you can specify a part of the condo and give it a name, like “ROOM 1” (Not very creative) and whenever a player steps into that zone they will see that name below their currency (in place of “Ocean”)

Sorry for making a long topic.


That’s what the camera was used for in GMT. I’m fairly certain that’s what it is planned to do in TU as well, but it does not seem to do that yet.

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This is a feature that the team is actively working on, and should be in a future update soon.