Counter Mod Speed Increases

Before the Anniversary Update added some of my counter suggestions, the best way to convert a number from decimal to binary was in simple terms simply counting down very fast to 0 on one hand, while counting up on the other. At 8 bit this took a total of 4.25 seconds. See start of video below for example:

With the addition of counter modulo (and copy) I have created 2 new and faster designs, the first of which uses solely modulo, division, and subtraction on a fixed 0.15s (fastest it would work) per bit delay to encode the number linearly. This resulted in a 1.3 second fixed delay on 8 bit numbers as seen here (320% faster):

While this was fast, I knew there was a way to make it faster. By splitting a 8 bit number in half with modulo and then using the fast count method I described earlier, the number converts much faster only taking up to 0.57 seconds (745% faster than original) as seen here:

Overall, very cool update! With stuff like this I hope it will be easy to achieve my goal of creating Tower Unite’s first Turing Complete computer.