Could we see Dueling coming to the game soon?

So Now that SDNL has been released and now that all the weapons for SDNL are done, is there a possibility that Dueling will finally be added to tower unite?

Dueling is the final thing that was in GMod Tower that is not in Tower Unite and it would be cool to see it possibly added. I don’t think it would take the devs all that long to implement either.

For one, the Arena for Dueling has been completed since 2019. So making a arena isn’t needed. Possibly some testing would be needed to see if the map is still fine. But most likely it wouldn’t have too much that is needed to be fixed.

Also the guns that would be used in dueling are already finished with the conclusion of SDNL. So you could just move those guns to the lobby for the dueling arena and that would have a lot of the current gameplay done for the gamemode. Most of the remaining gameplay would be general healthbars, and UI stuff.

The only somewhat major thing that would be needed to be made is the Arena lobby. Either by making a new one or by porting the one over from GMod Tower. I feel this isn’t too much of a barrier though as the devs are capable of making something like that.

Overall I feel dueling should be prioritize more. It would be nice to get the final thing that is stuck on Gmod Tower into the more fleshed out Tower Unite.


While it’s easy to underestimate just how much work goes into adding features , I definitely think this is a logical next release and would probably take relatively less time to develop than other plaza activities.

I’m very excited for dueling to return, it was one of my favorite things to do in GMT, especially betting on matches.