Could the community suggest ideas for new game modes/game worlds in the future?

Pretty much the title. I know the developers have their own plans and I completely respect that - But with how many empty spaces there are still to be used in Game Worlds Ports building, I was wondering if it would be an issue if the community helped come up with new ideas. For example, I have been thinking about an parkour style mode where maybe the floor is lava that is constantly rising up and you have to get as far up as you can, with the whole map being made out of blocks that change positions, shift away from underneath you and such, kinda like bunny hop but infinitely going upwards until only one player remains. It’s not really a suggestion but moreso an example of what I mean for others to help out with ideas. I feel like community engagement in new game mode ideas creation after Horror Hill would be for the best.


There’s only one last announced game and the devs have teased that they already have some ideas for what it’s gonna be.

I understand, yeah. Even still, there’s more than 2 free spots left in Game World Ports I believe, so that’s why I was thinking about it all. I’m not at all against letting developers decide, moreso, if there’s ever going to be more than Horror Hill and that one you mention developers having idea for, community engagement could be a very nice, positive thing for it. Regardless of anything though, I’m definitely looking forward for things that will come.

There’s 10 spaces in the Gameworld Ports. Seven are currently open and in-use (Minigolf, Ball Race, Little Crusaders, SDNL, Zombie Massacre, Virus, and Accelerate), 1 other is there but inactive (Planet Panic). That only leaves 2 open ports, one of which is Horror Hill and the other is the unannounced gamemode. So, my point is that all the ports are already spoken for.


Hopefully by then the team can figure out the connection issue. I’d love to play Planet Panic again.

My bad then, must have had miscounted them. I do still wish community could help with the ideas and everything but it’s pretty fine by me if they already have their own ideas.

I mean…the Suggestions category is there for a reason. People have been suggesting new game modes for years. Just because it may not happen, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still suggest it. Ya never know.

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