Could Odyssey Minigolf Map be wacky & more challenging?

Seemed like a good idea to suggest this before it is really worked on. I was going to suggest something like this in general, but I see a lot of work will be going into Odyssey, and it could really fit this idea.

My definition of Challenge:
Example: Galaxy map is far too easy, typically taking no more than 2-3 strokes with very little effort. Forest I believe has the most “challenging” holes, consisting of a few par 8’s. Typically these are accompanied with various hills, turns, jumps. They aren’t simply just hitting the ball at some reasonable angle to line it up for getting in the hole on shot 2.

Can the holes overall have more of what is describes above; higher par counts and more hills, turns, etc, that require more emphasis on skill/power/angles, rather than simply shooting it straight and ending up in or near the hole within 2-3 shots. So pars that are on average higher, like 4-8

My definition of Wacky:
Gimmicks that aren’t too luck based (like not being able to see a moving pipe and hoping you get it down the right path), but rather stuff like the thin strip on hole 2 I believe? that the Sweet Tooth map has, or Forest hole 18, by navigating your way through/around moving obstacles. I also would consider Galaxy to have a lot of “wacky”, but it is just too straight forward and simple. I also think Sweet Tooth best describes this overall.

More mechanisms and environmental features, as well as more interesting shapes and layouts that have a wild feel & look to them, but are challenging still. So combining the concept of Sweet tooth, with Galaxy. Also, think of Pinball, that might be a great word for inspiration.
I don’t know if any of the staff played it, but the first PC Minigolf game I played was about 12 years ago. It was called 3-D Ultra Minigolf by Sierra, that had some of this wacky nature (hitting the ball to a caveman who whacks the ball - this was a shortcut, or hitting it onto a mountain for a pteradactyl to carry into the hole)

I could give a lot more ideas and thoughts, but would rather wait to see Dev thoughts first, if any. I have been to some rather interesting minigolf courses in real life, and personally enjoyed the ones with the most hills (slanted & upward/downward), has lots of obstacles, and contains a lot of skillshot based stuff (getting it down the correct thin path out of 3, leading to the better hole).

Hope you could consider this stuff :3 Thanks.