Could M3U8 media support be possible?

Often used as a format for video hosting services to make the streaming of said video faster.
You’ll find ‘Movie & Chill’ worlds on VRC use this format heavily for their libraries.
And several self-hosting methods use this format due to its small file size (as it’s literally just a text fille calling for information from the host provider that does all the heavy lifting).

With the implementation of webm support, I was wondering if it were possible at all?


it only supports YouTube or Soundcloud. it sucks because i tried this multiple times even with direct media source. wish they could expand this feature for good.

It supports webm also, it was added not too long ago.

I wanted to bump this with some information as well.
Apparently since Unreal Engine 4.13 the m3u8 file format has been supported with their built in media player.

There is some handy information out there that details on how to get it working on a developer side:

I can’t specifically say how complicated this’d be to implement, I’ve never touched Unreal Engine development. But I can say it’d benefit the community greatly as did .webm implementation.