Cosmic Bowling Event - 25% More Credits

Bowling is a hoot! Much like real bowling, it’s fun to hone in on your individual technique and try for a perfect game!

I’ve thought that the bowling alley is a tad bit too dark, but some times I like the dark alley atmosphere.

It would be cool if there was a cosmic bowling event, where for a limited time, the bowling alley would be darker, glowing neon floors/walls, music would play (there currently isn’t any), and the credits earned from bowling would increase by 25% or so!

Maybe if a certain number of people are in the bowling alley, that could be the trigger for the event to happen. A lot of players try to bowl by themselves because it’s a fast way to get credits if you’re good, and having someone else to wait on slows you down by 50%. Maybe if you have 3 or 4 players in one lane, there could be a boost to credits instead of just the winner reward.

If cosmic bowling was dark, maybe the times of the regular bowling alley could be a bit brighter, so the purchased bowling balls people use would be more visable.

Also, I’m sure pixeltail is well aware of it, but changing the color of your bowling ball (at least the golf ball) doesn’t work, It stays white. alsophantom blue balls are scattered across the beginning of each lane right now… That’s just a side note.

Random events is a good idea. Or maybe one month it’s the FISHING MONTH and there are tons of decorations around the plaza

We talked a bit about events recently. Our goal is to sync events across all Plaza servers at once. We have some ideas and hopefully things will pan out sooner than later so we can make cool events like this. Make sure you repost this on the event thread, because I have that bookmarked.


Which one?