Cosmetics begin rendering in first person while standing in front of a mirror in a condo

Apologies for the long winded title.

Is this supposed to happen? It’s kind of annoying, but usually isn’t a big deal since I don’t stand in or work with the bathroom much in Condos.
This has been happening ever since I started playing again with the Libretro update, so I don’t know if this is a bug or not; it seems like a bug, but I haven’t heard anyone else talk about it.

I mean I know I’m a bug but shhh

it happens because when you’re not in front of the mirror it just basically shrinks the head so you can see your body when you look down! When you’re in front of a mirror it has to put your head back where it was since it wants your head to be in the reflection. I have noticed this ages ago and accepted it as the trade off

(to put it simply, the easiest way to do a mirror is to set up a hyper-specifically set up camera where the mirror more or less is, then having the “mirror” display what the camera sees, if it kept your head shrunk you’d be headless in the mirror!)

I don’t have first person legs enabled though?

it still has to render your model for the mirror lmao