Cosmetic rewards for befriending shop NPCs

I was thinking about how it’d be nice to have some of the items that shop NPCs wear, and realized that’d be a perfect reward for befriending them, either by talking to them or purchasing items. Befriending already kind of exists, with dialogue changing slightly for NPCs you’ve shopped at before, but it could be expanded a bit by adding a ‘friendship meter’ to see how close you are to receiving unlocks.

Here’s a few ideas I had in mind for some of the shops:

  • Bowling Pro Shop: Bowling pin costume (for default playermodels), Kaylen’s bowling hair pin
  • Uncle Muscle’s Pizza: Virgil’s glasses, chef hat, apron (for default playermodels)
  • The Freezing Point: Chilly Billy’s cone hat, cherry, candy bow tie
  • The Asteroid Belt: 2D or low-poly versions of the default playermodels
  • Seasons: Daisy’s hat, Daisy shoulder pet
  • Upgrade stores: Unique meta upgrade (Ball Race orb pickups for Ball Race, glass ball with a smaller ball inside it for Minigolf, dragon plush dragon hat for LC, etc)
  • Gone Fishin’: Magic wand fishing rod

YES, I love this!! I want Franky’s hotdog cart and that hotdog suit :smiling_imp:


I’ve actually had this idea as well lmao. I’d love for NPCs in the plaza to have little storylines and maybe even quests that unlock exclusive items.
Maxing out would probably give you a little bobblehead of the character, so there could be a collection of items to display.

This would obviously be way further down the line if it happened though, but a girl can dream.


oooh I love the bobblehead idea and just that as an item in on of the shops as well. I think we also should get a framed picture of the NPCs at a certain friendship stage, kind of like in animal crossing lol.