Cosmetic ideas for LC

I would like to think it is possible to make most of these hats, so here are my ideas.

  1. A birb mask for the knights
  2. Paintable hats/helmets
  3. Different styles of dragon horns, possibly paintable
    Other possible things which could be added.
  4. Different emotes for the knights (The animation you do when pressing R)
  5. Voices that your character can play
  6. Different knight outfits
  7. Dragon outfits
  8. Win effects/sounds
    Some ideas for what i have mentioned.
    For emotes, you could do dances, poses, or movements in which they hold items.
    For win effects and sounds, you could possibly make the player who defeated the dragon, or the dragon if they won, particle effects which will follow them until the next round starts. As well as this, i recommend a screen GUI that says who won the round/who pressed the dragon’s button. A banner which falls down and says the name of the winner could work. For win sounds, it would be easiest to make different variants of the normal win sound, instead of creating a new win sound. For example, a piano version.
    For knight outfits, i would be quite happy if there were a black tuxedo, a priest outfit, or a peasant outfit. I do not have any suggestions for the dragon.
    I also do not have any voice ideas.
    Sorry for this being so long, i just have a lot of ideas.
    I hope some of these can be put into the game, and if some don’t, i hope other can be edited or left as they are.
    Thank you for your time.

A lot of these types of things will be coming in the form of upgrades (Current list of upgrades for all games, including LC, here), though I really like the idea of emotes and win effects.

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I agree that I like the win effects/sounds ideas.

Another thing I really want regarding the upgrade shop is either items that you can only get with high amounts of EXP (1/2.5/5/10 mil EXP) and/or an item you can only get if you’re a certain spot or above on the leaderboards (like #10 or better).

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Thanks for your review.
I quite like your idea.
High rank players don’t get rewarded much.

Thanks for your review.
I am still thinking of possible emotes and win effects.