Corsair K70 RGB or Strafe RGB? Help me pick one of the two!

So, I am getting a new keyboard for christmas (incase you are interested which one my current one is, it’s this one), but I am torn between two very good keyboards, the Corsair K70 RGB and Strafe RGB.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the K70 RGB: (note “…” means neutral or up to own personal view)

+Looks professional, isn’t entirely made of plastic
+Aluminium body making the keyboard more durable and more resistent to damage
+Looks better in combination with my desk
+Has media keys
+(16.8 million colors) LED backlighting
+Cherry MX Brown switch availability, and also available in Red switches
+Detachable wrist rest
…Size is good enough for my desk
-No USB port (although I don’t need this, my current one doesn’t have one either)
-Backlighting is very dim
-Brushed aluminium metal is very hard to keep clean
-Backlighting is not very smooth. Gradient for example is laggy when switching between colors.
-Software can be confusing (but I don’t mind. It is not that confusing either)

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Corsair Strafe RGB:

+Comes with a couple of textured keycaps and a keycap puller (not sure if I’d need this)
+Has a simple, but nice and shiny logo
+16.8 million colors LED backlighting (why didn’t I mention this earlier)
+Has a USB port
+Detachable wrist rest
+Keyboard has a white base below the keys, making the LED lights very bright and neon (big upside)
+Corsair selling logo has its own LED light
+Is a tad cheaper
+Available with Cherry MX Silent switches
…Space bar is textured
…Doesn’t have media keys
-Entirely made of plastic, which means it is less durable than the K70
-Not sure if any local store over here offers this keyboard, I’d most likely have to get it from amazon (my favorite one sells Corsair Strafes, but not the RGB version)
-Bright lights could get distracting (what if I don’t need such bright LED lights? Even the K70’s lights are brighter than the ones of my illuminated k740. Although it’s possible that the k740’s lights got more dim as the keyboard aged)
-Fits less to my desk. Is slightly wider than my current keyboard
-Fingerprints might be easily seen on the keyboard, due to the fact that it’s made of plastic

Alright guys, which one would you prefer? I might change my mind when the vote is done, I just asked you guys so you can help me decide. Gonna be extra helpful if you might be an owner of one of these two keyboards.

  • Corsair K70 RGB
  • Corsair Strafe RGB

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As a user of the K95 RGB, I would recommend the K70 RGB.

While the media keys don’t seem like much, they are extremely useful to me. Also, you shouldn’t worry much about the lighting, it’s perfectly fine. And finally, Cherry MX Blues. Clicky-click. :smiley:

Edit: If not having the textured keycaps and puller becomes an issue, there is always this.

I wouldn’t really like it if my keys were so damn clicky, like the cherry mx blues are. I feel like browns are the closest to these unique (probably membrane?) switches my simple logitech keyboard has. They are also a good mix of gaming and typing switches, as I need elements of both. Reds are strictly gaming switches, blues are strictly typing switches.

The cherry mx blues aren’t strictly for anything; I prefer them over the reds/browns/blacks for gaming. But, that’s just my opinion.