Coral as a Decorative item

Trees and other plants are placeable in condos, but what about for custom layout Fish tanks or condos that are made to be underwater? Especially considering the Aquarium tool allows you to make your own fish inhabitable areas, so while some things like grass and rocks work just fine for Freshwater fish/Ponds, what about the Saltwater ones? What if I want to make an Aquarium tank for display but don’t like using ocean themed items as decor, because they don’t have the same vibe I’m looking for (EX: Ship wheels, Chests for an example) and want to place down coral that I can choose the colors of to decorate my tank/and or my custom undersea condo? Coral technically is in the Undersea condo as well as in some of the fish tanks, so why not take it a step further and make it so you can have coral as a decorative item that you can place in your other condos for decoration to liven things up or help follow a theme involving the Ocean?

Very nice idea. The coral should also preferably come with several different shapes to choose from, instead of just one variant - In addition to that, you could make some whacky, cool or otherwise interesting variants, such as a setting to enable glow on the coral or separate coral item that would be glowing like some kind of underwater plant that comes from another planet, etc. Either way, catch a vote!