Copyright Mania On Youtube Player

So recently almost every music video uploaded on youtube is blocked. It dosen’t even have to be even uploaded by places like VEVO or shit like that. It’ll just instantly block you from playing the video even though you should be able too. Anybody having this problem?

I can’t play anything that is music related on the youtube player, (i.e The Shins, Phoenix, Or bands like that without getting slamed with a block. Hell some of the content that isn’t even theirs is blocked by VEVO.

And With recently the whole soundcloud GO thing even more songs are going to be barred off from playing music making it a pain in the ass to find songs you want to play that are locked behind some bullcrap subscription.


Yes, everyone has the same problem.

The messages says it can’t be played on certains sites, that it should be viewed on

Maybe the devs can fix that, I don’t know…

That’s one of the reason why we want to see the others media files such as WebM and mp3 (like in GMT) to be playable.


We’re actively looking into this issue and may have a few possible solutions.


I had this issue today with something that wasn’t even a music video??