Convert to Swedish time? PLEASE

Can someone convert the time at 12 AM to Swedish time please! I really want to know when the alpha 0.3 comes out here in sweden :slight_smile:

It should be 9AM over there

I’m unsure if the time displayed on Trello is local time, because (for me in the UK anyway), it says it will release at 11pm today, but if its on their time (I think they are 9 hours behind Sweden). It would be 9am

Where are you from, James? Because I’m from Spain (the same timezone as Sweden) and it says 0:00 too. Maybe it’s local time as you say

I am from the UK, which is one hour behind the rest of Spain and Sweden.

Says 6 PM for me, does seem to be local.

The problem is i dont know am and PM :confused: But is AM at night or day time?

12 am is midnight

AM is like morning, PM is like night.

So mistery solved. 6 and a half hours to go

6 and a half in sweden or in UK?

6 hours is 6 hours anywhere lol

:wink: just messing around. Thanks by the way Guys!

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Gosh dangit, just go here. Time is localized based on region.

Ok 12 AM it says so here we go :smiley: Soo hyped :smiley: