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I own a PS4, and recently I have been experimenting with playing PC games using a PS4 controller. I usually have InputMapper hooked up to it for compatibility. It functions the exact same as an XBox controller, even on automatically functioning games (example, Rivals Of Aether, Super Meat Boy). So I was wondering if Tower Unite would be able to plug n play with my PS4 controller, or if anybody has layouts for suggested control maps if it won’t.

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I would imagine that if you are already able to get games to recognize it as an Xbox controller, you should be fine.

I personally use DS4Windows for my PS4 controller. It maps to Xbox controller. Works for me. Just realize inventory will not work for controllers. However, PS4 has that nice touch screen that could be used as a mouse cursor to get you half-way there.

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Or you could use a steam controller :wink:


It’s dead easy to implement controller support in UE4 right? Attaching controller input to your bluescript player controller shouldn’t be that hard. But just requires testing for how it feels. Oh and of course the UI stuff like a sensitivity options, button mapping and changing “Press E” to “Press △” which takes some time.

No point for me. I have like 3 PS4 controllers for my use and buddies. No reason to spend ~60 bucks on a Steam Controller when usually PS4 ones work out.

Alright, great. I’d probably be playing with the controller in front of my computer at my desk, so using the mouse and keyboard for other functions is no biggie.

Sorry… made me think of this


Keep in mind I am still using them on PC
I don’t use my Ps4 all too often, which I kind of feel bad about

I’d buy a PS4 just for The Last Guardian

I wonder why games only support XBox Controllers with Plug ‘n’ Play, but PS controllers need input mappers? I have an XBone controller and so far all the games I tried it out on (not many) recognized it straight away. It must be super easy to implement controller support anyway.

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The answer to most “why won’t this work” questions is Microsoft (or Apple), I find.

Hi there! I use DS4Windows of my PS4 controller. It maps to the Xbox controller. For the setup you may search online to know more information about the setup or may either take the help of a technical support team for PS4 controller setup.

Wow that’s a crazy necro.

Thanks and all, but wow. This is ollllld.

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