Contributing My Cactus Maze To The Game?

Is it possible to put forward a suggestion for a new activity within “Tower Unite”? I am in the midst of creating a cactus maze (akin to the corn mazes farmers around here create after their harvest). I am setting this up on my “Smooth Dirt” condo as an activity for people to do when visiting this condo of mine. I am doing this since this particular condo style is designed for you to create your own personalized space for others to explore.

Is it possible to contribute this to the game if there is positive feedback? Is it even portable that I could give the files to the programmers some how?

I’ve seen how there are holiday themed store items for sale. I thought this might fit into the game. I thought perhaps there could be riddles to solve or uniquely maze prizes people could be won for completing it … kind of like how the treasure hunting is fun. Maybe achievements for completing it in the least # of steps, etc.

I am really enjoying playing the game. I read the history of how this game came about. With the community nature of it I simply want to offer.

I don’t know about it getting officially added to the game, but you can upload condo snapshots to the workshop for people to load up and play around in.