Continuous Game World Play - Vote For Next Map



Instead of closing the server, vote to go to a new map with the same players


  • Vote map at the end of game world map
  • Instead of closing the server, vote to go to a new map with the same players

Glad to see that this will get added. It’ll certainly make playing with other people a much smoother experience! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much tixelpail


very nice

Does the vote have to be a new map? I think some people would like to stay on the same map most of the time.


Yeesssss!!! That’s a must-have feature!!

yes good

can’t wait for a group that starts when the update comes out and just exists forever due to people constantly joining and leaving

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First of all, love this.
Just curious, it sounds like it’s limited to one game type. My friends typically bounce between all the different games to mix things up, will we be able to, for example, vote for minigolf if we just finished ballrace or is that a bit much logistically speaking?


We tested on switching just maps so far, but I would like to see about switching game worlds. Hopefully it isn’t too hard to do. Basically the only issue that pops up immediately is some game elements need to be reset.


This will be awesome. It’s a thing not many people asked for but one everyone needs. It would also be great if you could create a playlist of minigames.

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Now, we can play on the same server for eternity.
Good update 10/10. :heart:


now we can be best friends :fire: FOREVER:fire:


While I agree switching game worlds would be for the greater good, it’ll kill me anytime a fast paced virus/LC match ends and the session is voted into a long winded round of Mini-Golf.

Just personal taste, gameworld switching would be fantastic for the party system.


I think it would make sense to have gameworld switching limited to party/friends only servers honestly. Or maybe have it as a separate option that needs to be enabled when the server is started? I’m not exactly sure.


Different strokes I guess. My group never really sticks to a single game type for more than 1 or 2 games then cycles back around. Otherwise they tend to burn out quicker I notice.

I don’t really play public and I do voice chat with the people I play with, so things are a lot more controlled… but I can see what your saying and potential other problems. Like getting a good public LC group together and a group of ‘funny guys’ comes in and switches you to planet panic and leaves. Or people vote for virus and you don’t even have enough people or too many… things like that. I wish I had an idea for a fix, but I’m happy enough with just same game world voting.


I think a Random Map (Same gamemode) vote option would be a good addition

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If we get this as a Vote for next Map option, we need it as a map option when hosting. It would be a neat thing to start any ball race map in 3 only clicks, no brain/decisions required.


We’ve talked about this as well before. It would be nice if you can just start a server and invite your friends in and then your friends can vote and decide together which map to start with. Instead of currently you have to ask before you are even all in the game together.


This might seem like a minor change but this is a feature I’ve been wanting forever. It’s such a hassle of keep moving my usual group from server to server. Plus it eliminates the problem of having to ask “So what do you wanna do next?”.

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