Consumables not disappearing from inventory after use

Whenever an item that is consumable such as the beer bottle is consumed, the trash it leaves behind does not get trashed, but instead put back into the inventory as a re-usable item. So far I’ve only tested and reproduced this bug on beer bottles and shot glasses and have checked both my tower inventory and steam inventory for any changes and have not seen a drop in the number of items after trashing them.

(Did not find this on my own, give credit to this guy who asked this question on the unofficial subreddit which brought this bug to my attention:

as far as i know, this isn’t a bug at all. this is a feature? maybe?


So you better enjoy it while it last.

i kinda hope it stays, having a decorative consumable going away in another condo because you made a mistake in the other doesn’t sound very fun.

The original message was that when he had used the barrel and clicked trash it would just go back into your inventory.

So id imagine you will only lose what ever food item you place if you decide to trash it after using it up completely.

any item does this, but if you eat say, all of a pizza and trash the box, the pizza in all condos would go away would it not? which means you’d have to just suck it up and trash it, or try to hide the trash instead of stashing it.

honestly the consumables being infinite use felt like a feature to me :man_shrugging: but if its a bug oh well

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