Consumable Painkillers

i feel like the painkillers that you place in your condo are heavily underused, especially considering how if you’re incredibly drunk you’ll likely have a lot of trouble looking at them and consuming them directly. i think if painkillers were reworked to instead be a consumable item that you could place in your hotbar (as well as placeable in condos?), it could be a lot more viable for removing the drunk effect—especially in lobbies where there isn’t any way to remove the effect without respawning (aside from the nightclub, but good luck trying to use the painkillers there when you can’t tell what’s happening on your screen)

wait, can you actually use it as at least placable thing? I never could do it and I tried

you can place it in your condo to consume it like a drink but that’s it

edit: i was wrong, sorry ;w; you can’t actually use them in condos, i must have got the ones in the nightclub confused with the placeable ones, sorry!

They have never had functionality for me wtf??
I always assumed that the painkillers were just unfinished but if they’re working for you that means they’re broken for me (and other people).

I purchased the Painkillers a long time ago thinking they were consumables to use after playing Booze Bash, but then realized they weren’t.

I think Painkillers being consumable in the hotbar would be a great addition.