So, I’ll come clean, i’ve been trying to enable dev console in the private alpha for a couple days now, and i keep on editing the .ini files w/ no luck. I wouldn’t do harm also, i would just use travel and a few other commands. But anyways, three lines of code have been bothering me for quite some time now. Its in the BaseInput.ini file.


So i was wondering, @Zak, Is console hardwired into the code or is it possible to get working?
And just to let you all know how hard ive been trying, look at this! I wanna mess with the dev console BAAAD in the new BR demo
Thats when the Indiegogo BR demo came out…

Console’s only available in development builds of the game; the builds they’ve been releasing are shipping builds, so console’s unavailable.

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Thank you! :blush: