Connect the top floor of casino with the bottom

Sometimes you don’t want to be using your jetpack all the time, or your wings. Sometimes you just wanna walk, you know? So I suggest that this set of doors at the back of the casino:

Connect to this door on the top floor through a set of stairs:

And the same on the other side too.

I respectfully disagree. Having to use the jetpack to get up there is an interesting way of having absolutely new players not go into high stakes. It just feels more “exclusive” to me even though it really isn’t. Making it so the doors enter the area above would defeat that


I also respect this, though I have to say that it takes one game of ballrace or minigolf to get enough for a jetpack. At the moment all it does is hide away the game.

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I kinda like the idea of it being made more exclusive to be honest. Like don’t let anyone through the door unless they have a high enough Casino rank or a certain amount of units.


Yeah I like this, But I think new players should still be informed of what’s behind the door and what is required before going through.

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I’d also like to ask if anyone sees any issues with the staircase being implemented on the left side since there isn’t anything exclusive here.

I agree. If it’s more prevalent and easily accessible, new players are more likely to see it and keep it in their minds as a longer-term goal to reach. Maybe there could also be a sign of some kind?


i want a better way to get up there than just flying up
some people could have enough money but never realise there is actually rooms up there
maybe put a stairwell by the entrance of the casino to get up there

although i would prefer the doors on the bottom and 2nd floor to be used for other things, like eastereggs or rooms with special casino games like Russian roulette, a dodgy man who is playing go fish or something like that on the top floor doors.
and a more grand casino stuff on the bottom floor doors.

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I could swing either way on this one. I think it being more exclusive would be cool, but even right now, it’s just a little awkward to get to (Even with a jet pack you’re likely to bump your head), and I often don’t have a jet pack equipped.

In the end, I think it can be exclusive without the jet pack usage, maybe just have the staircase tucked away, or have it behind a door that doesn’t open until you try to open it a few times, or a number of other fun ways to make it a bit more secretive.

(Also this makes me think of potentially having a second “high roller” level to the Casino full of machines and tables with higher bets/payouts)