Condo xp and milestones

Condo right now is kinda useless in terms of xp and milestones so lets give them what they deserve!

100k xp Golden couch - 2 seat couch made out of pure gold!
200k xp Golden TV stand - Golden TV stand
250k xp Bronze condo trophy - little bronze house
250k xp Bronze TV - large tv made out of pure bronze!
300k xp golden small couch - 1 seat couch made from gold
400k xp Golden coffe table - table golden coffe
500k xp Silver condo trophy - silver house trophy
500k xp silver TV - I got no clue what this is but its silver
600k xp Golden rocking chair - Get grandpa what he deserves.
700k xp Golden table - make dinner even more fancy
750k xp Gold condo trophy - cute lil’ gold house
750k xp Gold TV - very heavy, very cool
800k xp Diamond couch - 2 seats of pure diamond
900k xp Diamond small couch - 1 seat of pure diamond
1mil xp diamond condo trophy - diamond trophy of small house
1mil xp diamond TV - too heavy, too cool

I think it would be better to get items that have functionality rather than just diamond/gold variations of existing items


Ya, just slapping a golden paintjob on stuff doesn’t really make it worthwhile
Some might even consider it a downgrade depending on aesthetic preferences

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I agree that there could be some condo milestones (especially for how long it takes to get condo XP aaaaa), but as others have pointed out, these ideas are rather uninspired. And for some reason, at 900k XP you get a diamond item that is the same as the previous one, just halved in size and functionality.

What I’d keep from this list are the trophies, assuming the condo doesn’t have any trophies (I really can’t remember). How about we fill the milestones with dioramas/miniature models instead, as they are interactive AND can be placed down in your condo?

For example, the 100k XP milestone could be a diorama of a door that opens and closes. The door can be chosen to be any of the buyable ones. 200k XP milestone could be a placeable airlock room from underwater. 300k XP would give you a working water tube from underwater, acting similar to a teleporter.
Then you would get miniature model stands of all the condos, the small condos coming first.
Maybe you could get also get ranked trophies for each condo depending on how active you are in every one of them, similar to how the lobby 1 trophy looks like, although that’s quite a far fetched idea as we probably don’t have the game mechanics to log activity in individual condos.

However, there doesn’t have to be a whole load of milestone rewards, because honestly, there isn’t a whole load you can make related to condos.

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i think a cool thing could be like a hammer item where in plaza and condos you click and it will place a random item but it will be green (like a selected item) then it will despawn a second or 2 later

How about the classic chair throwing gun, as a reference to GMod (it’s one of the GLua tutorials)?


Tiny dioramas of each condo would be cool to see.


Maybe we could use furniture for ammo

As long as they’re not reskins of existing items or exclusive condo tools, I’m pretty much fine with whatever could be added. I want to see a builder catsack (just for decoration) like the one from the early access page on start up.

Especially since the golden watch already turns crap into gold. so it’d be useless too them.
plus it’d devalue the their items

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Wouldn’t little architecture-like models of the condos make more sense than dioramas? tbh I’d much rather have some cool new furniture than a diorama or a model of a condo, perhaps something like a small cabin, or a dock, or a special door, or some cool statues (I’d love to have some fancy classic statues like Venus de Milo, a David or a Discobolus statue) Maybe just some really really fancy stuff?

That’s the word I was trying to look for, yeah I agree that would make more sense.

As for everything else you mentioned I think it’s
just hard to come up with ideas for milestones for
condos that wouldn’t want you leaving more, having only one ”special door” or one neat statue that you can place down seems a bit silly, kinda like how you could only have one bumper back then. Perhaps if there was a way to get more of those milestones from a certain shop this wouldn’t be an issue, and besides most milestones have something to do with the actual game world/location (i.e. The Plaza giving you the Ferris Wheel and rollercoaster and Ball Race giving you an orb to roll around with anywhere you can equip it) The Condos don’t have anything that really stands out without player input other than the location it’s in. It’s like trying to make one-time unique rewards for a blank canvas, it depends on what you do with the blank canvas in the first place and everyone has a different sense of fashion and what looks nice giving everyone the same thing with the same theme could be quite the risky move as some players might not get any use out of it and just see it as junk. Just teasing the player with cool and special items that they can place down once and then have to move if they want to reuse it comes across as rather unfair as it should’ve been a normal piece of furniture instead of a reward so that they could have multiple if they were to get any use out of it. I apologize for making a huge response, but I feel the only way milestones for condos could work is if they had architecture-like models of each condo as the only thing that separates each condo from each other is the fact that they have different settings.


Hm I see your point. Perhaps a good condo reward could be something that can be customizable? Taking into account the whole idea of the blank canvas, a condo milestone reward should perhaps be something that each player can use differently. What this could be I’m not sure, perhaps a canvas sign of some sort, a special TV, or simply a piece of furniture that could really come in handy for every TU player. Maybe not even a physical object, but rather something like the placeable lights or noise emitters (Custom noise emitter? That way they can limit a custom sound emitter to one so condos don’t get filled with them and provide a useful reward) Other things that come to mind are:
-Placeable PvP zone (A place in which players can battle with milestone weapons. This would limit pvp zones to 1 per Condo, which might be a good idea)
-A physical ban/kick hammer (A nice little cosmetic to make banning more fun)
-A ban/kick-gun (Just like Banhammer)
-Something to customize the skybox a little bit
-An architecture model that changes depending on which condo you’re in. (A model of the condo you’re in, in an architecture model style, maybe all white with little fake trees and tiny models)
-Weapons the condo host can use to annoy his guests (Maybe a gun to change the proportions of the condo guests, making them bigger or smaller, or squash them or making them taller perhaps)
-A physical TV remote (Just for fun, can skip videos and stuff)
-A Hue gun, changes the HUE and/or saturation of the entire condo (Just a screen effect to have fun)
-Physics gun that can pick up guests
That comes to mind as condo rewards that could help condo experience and be useful/fun to all condo creators.


I would like to see a bust of every pixeltail dev as a milestone reward