Condo unlock system

I personally have always found the system of paying to unlock rooms in your condo in gmod tower a bit ridiculous. I mean, in real life nobody rents a condo you have to pay to unlock parts of. I think in tower unite all rooms should come unlocked by default. I don’t have the time to play long enough to rack up that many credits. Changing the floorplan of your condo has been mentioned, and that should definitely cost credits.
However, my my main point is that I believe all the default rooms(assuming you start with the current layout the go from there)should be unlocked by default.


I sort-of agree. I think that there should be ranks, and certain items should only be available to people with certain ranks and higher, but I would also like the condos (specifically) to have all the default rooms unlocked. Great suggestion, @TechMasterAllen!

I agree. I also disliked this concept of having to pay to unlock rooms a tiny bit. I think we should simply have all rooms in TU unlocked already. Maybe with a few exceptions, but still.

I liked the idea for GMT, but for Unite things are different.
I believe we will have the option to create our own condo’s layout, which kind of defeats the purpose of having locked condo rooms from the other layouts, since we can just replicate them.

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Yeah, I think in the final release they will mostly focus on buying grid upgrades for your condo instead of buying pre-made room upgrades. So you can make all the walls in your condo that you want, but in order to make your entire condo bigger, you have to pay with units.

Yup, with the inclusion of floor plan editing there will no longer be rooms that you have to unlock. Instead we will focus our efforts on new items, materials for floor plans (wallpaper, etc), and floor plan grid size.

It’s a whole new experience and I’m excited to see where it goes.


@macdguy it would be cool if there was a npc that was selling condo layouts and you had to pay with units (since im guessing there will be more then one default condo) or maybe he just sells room layouts that you can use in the editor (i dont want the other layouts to be free because it would like it to be a bit of a challenge)

@Blaze027 I’m not creative and I think this would be really useful. We could have a system where users who design great room layouts could have theirs submitted to become purchase able, or maybe room layouts could be shared with another player. Tournaments/contests for who can design the best condo seems like a fun idea too

@loiloiloi Tournanaments for who can make the best condo design sounds really cool.

The idea of uploading condo layouts to the workshop for free is better IMO. Wasn’t this idea considered by the devs actually?

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It may have been. I like this idea as well.

What if we start of with a basic dingy looking condo, over time of working a bit, it will become more beautiful, epic looking.