Condo Type - City/Town

Having a condo within a city/town with AI NPC’s wandering around with shops. For example you have a condo in an apartment looking out the windows onto the streets. AI controlled cars/busses and npcs going down the streets and stuff.

I would say Highrise fufills this but I think you mean something more close to ground-level.


I think it’d be nice to have a short city street, roughly the size of House’s residential street.On once side a small apartment building (A Lobby and 2-4 copy-paste apartments), the other side a small park area and a blank store front.

It would give a nice downtown atmosphere without being in the stratosphere like in high rise.


To be fair the “AI NPC’s” in Highrise are dots made with the Photoshop Paintbrush Tool

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lmao, honest laugh at this @BobbyBogus

On the subject of the actual thread, I agree that a condo like this would be nice, since the closest thing to it right now would be Resort (If I remember correctly, its been a long time since I’ve been in there), which only has the similarity in that its several smaller rooms with an urban structure.