Condo Sequencer

Back during the last developer stream, there was a mention of a “sequencer” however nothing about it was mentioned other than the fact that it would be in development. So I’ve thought of some ideas for the sequencer that it could make it a lot more useful and functional for the wannabe condo nightclub owner.

  • A set of effects and transitions that would apply to specific lights or lighing channels, IE Fading, Strobing, Cycling, etc.
  • A sequence could be set up to loop constantly in the background.
  • A youtube video or soundcloud song can be synced so that the lights and effects are in time with the song, with said video or song automatically showing up on one or multiple screens at the same time.
  • Any light can be set to display any color, even if it was originally set to display a set color when placed.

Along with these ideas for the sequencer itself, there should also be some new lights and objects that the sequencer can take advantage of such as:

  • Confetti Launcher
  • Floor Flame Thrower
  • Panning/Moving Lights (Like in the nightclub)
  • Spot Lights
  • Light Panels
  • DJ Booth

I’ll continue to update this as more ideas for it come in, also feel free to suggest more features for the sequencer and I’ll put them here at the top of the thread.


But definetly not the UE4 sequence right?

Yup, they weren’t referring to the UE4 sequencer in the stream.

Wait, so would this allow us to make it so neon lights adjust to the beat of a song? Damn, that would allow me to make such an awesome nightclub.
We NEED this, but of course sometime later.
…or am I missing something?

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