Condo Search Tags

I posted something similar here but it could be expanded on.
On top of being able to change the name of your condo when it’s open, also being able to apply “tags” such as Community Contest, NSFW/18+, Movies/Videos, etc. would be great. This would be perfect for when you just want to watch videos in random condos or see what condos are entered in community contests and be able to have those ones be on top/more visible.
I was thinking here would be a great spot to display the tags

Although I agree, Mac has shown some resistance to the idea in the past:

Though his comments are more about tags as a moderation tool, so I still think there’s a chance we can see tags added as a more aesthetic feature, if not to really moderate NSFW condos.

Good in theory, but a fundamental issue comes up whenever something like this is discussed, especially when a NSFW tag is mentioned - you can just lie. There’s nothing stopping a condo owner from being dishonest or just completely ignoring the tags.

maybe not an nsfw tag then, but it’d be nice to have others like I mentioned