Condo Saves not working and P2P issue

I’m having an issue where the saves or snapshot feature is not working properly in any of my condos. While I do know it may be a complicated issue to solve, I wanted to bring attention to it because I do not wish to lose certain configurations I have that are season-based and would like to swap to them as the need be.

I am also having issues where my friends and other people are getting randomly dropped from my condo. I believe it has to do with the amount of items, as my Suite (which has around 400 items) has not encountered this issue yet compared to my Condo and Highrise (which both have over 1000 items respectively).

You can easily do a less volatile save by going into this folder with a file exploring program:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\84047382\394690\remote\Condos

There you will find these folders called “C_WhateverYourCondoMapIsCalled” They contain the data for your condo for stuff like item orientation and placement.
You can move or copy the folder with the condo you wanna save to somewhere else on your computer, then you can make a new project, work on an older project or continue on your current one if you copied the folder.

The issue with getting dropped from condos and crashing is kinda expected on older or weaker pcs when the condo have around 1000 items, just can’t render it all quickly enough.

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