Condo Ranks!

Condos are our own special place to create your own world. Condos can be decorated with many items which you can buy from the shops in the Plaza.

Condo ranks is a new way to keep your condo clean of rule breakers and unwanted players. Being the only person to be able to ban, kick and so on is very tiring and a lot to handle alone. Condo ranks is where you can create your own ranks for your condo with permissions and colouring’s examples are below.

- Can Kick
- Can Ban
- Cannot Place Items
- Cannot Move Items
- Can Eat Items
- Can No-clip
and so on…

- Can Kick
- Cannot Ban
- Cannot Place Items
- Cannot Move Items
- Cannot Eat Items
- Cannot No-clip
and so on…

Also, It would be nice if there was a “Owner” rank instead of “Admin” as people may wanna make a Admin rank which cannot do everything.

I would love to be able to give players the opportunity to become a Mod/Admin/Trusted in my condo so I don’t need to do it all myself.

Short Summary:
- Add Condo Ranks
- Add Condo Ranks Colours (Tab menu would be coloured)
- Add Default Condo Rank
- Add Condo Rank Permissions (Kick,ban…)

Thanks for reading and comment your ideas of this topic!
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what is this a youtube description hahahahahah


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I do like the idea in general, but trusted not being able to eat items? that seems a bit strange to me.

Well you can decide on your own permissions for the groups.

That would make more sense. I guess I got a bit confused, or missread somewhere, my own fault. Sorry about that ^u^’’