Condo Polishing Suggestions - Suite, Highrise, and Underwater!


These are a list of suggestions and things to point out possible areas of adjustment for the Suite, Highrise, and Underwater! Please give some feedback!

(Ik its long, There was a lot to say.)



I actually watched the entire thing and enjoyed it, I feel like you could talk about anything and I would be interested. I can see this being helpful for the developers so good job :slight_smile:


Good video. I agree with a lot of the suggestions and it looks like the next update agrees. I’d like to use this thread to pile on some suggestions, specifically for the suite.

I ESPECIALLY really want to them to open up the upstairs closet and get rid of the segregating wall within it. The original purpose of those shelves in GMT was that it automatically displayed your hat collection, however, since that feature is not in this game, I don’t see any reason for it to be there other than for nostalgia’s sake. Players now have the resources to build it if they want it back anyway.

I also really want them to remove the tree as well. We now can buy our own trees, so players that would miss it can just add one back if they like. I think most Suite users would appreciate it gone. From the thumbnail on the trello, I assume they’re getting rid of it, but it’s not one of the mentioned features on the checklist, so here’s hoping.

I’ve always viewed the aquarium as a design challenge to work around, Rather than simply making it go away, I think it’d be nice if it was built in a square shape instead of circular, thereby making it much easier to decorate, trim, and furnish around. I think the GMT version was made from 3 hard angled planes anyway.

Now for my own…

Rather than simply make the textures under the stairs editable, I think that should be a fully accessible storage area via a little harry-potter-ass cupboard door.
Like this:

For the sake of opening floorplans, I feel like these dividers rails should just be disposed of and become a purchasable item for people that would miss it.

You talked about there being a gap between these slats of walls and fence outside, and frankly, I don’t even see the purpose of them being there. Are they sound breakers? What are they. It’d make more sense to just have them gone.


I’ll be soon working on a tool that lets you toggle off collision and visibility of certain map elements. This wall could be added to use that tool.

The tree is removed in this update. You can see it’s gone in the screenshot on Trello.

This would also be something the toggle tool could toggle off and on.

I don’t think it’s happening in this update, but we plan to remove that gap.