Condo > Plaza but not Plaza > Condo?

What I mean is that when you’re in the plaza, you have to disconnect (or go to the condo via the tower) to get to your condo. Now this might seem ‘lazy’ which it most likely is, but why not add a condo selection in the ESC menu? Because when you’re at your condo and press ESC you can select plaza. Thoughts?

(if this was suggested before I’m sorry)

if you hit refresh in the condo select menu when you are in a plaza server it should find them all of them that are currently running as long as they aren’t set to be private.

If not this would be a really awesome change.

Yea but that’s to go to someone else’s condo. What about your own?

Seems i have missread what you said, i thought you meant getting into your own condo from the plaza as if it’s already being hosted and listed on the condo server list.

Nope. But I can see where you thought that. My wording of the idea may not be as precise as I thought it was. My apologies.