Condo NPC won't load if it's your character model

This didn’t happen before the latest patch.

Basically if you join your condo and you have an NPC with the same workshop model, it’ll perpetually not load. Even if you re-apply the model to the NPC or change yours to something else. I have 4 different Dry Bones models and none of them load no matter how much time is spent waiting.

Disconnected and changed to KOS-MOS, this model didn’t load anymore. Additionally dry bones still wasn’t loaded (after a disconnect but not game restart)

A different character model, same problem. This time the KOS-MOS was loaded, but not Cloud and original Dry Bones one. Cloud should be on the machine, in the background you can see KOS-MOS is back to loaded in.

Still no dry bones tho

Restart the whole game with no model, I get my dry boy back.

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I’ve been working on several workshop related bugs that have cropped up. I haven’t been able to recreate your issues with the fixes I’ve got on my dev version so for now I’m going to say it was related to one of the bugs I tackled. After the next patch if you’re still having this issue please let us know. Thanks for the report!


This has been happening to me, too. Highly frustrating.

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