Condo - Noir Office (WIP)

Hi all!
I started this as the beggining of a escape room, but then it became its own thing. It’s still a work in process, but I’m a noir themed detective office as a little place to chill out:

I’m also trying to learn a bit of IO, like making the light of the sign outside slowly blink, or having an unseen headlight cast shadows on the window from time to time.

I also added a secret button by the desk that toggles a black and white filter, for an extra old timey noir movie effect:

Will update on it when I make more progress. See you later!


thats sexy as fuck. the exteriors look great!

Elevator: Source ftw

Hello again!
I have been working on the exterior street, trying to make it as moody as possible:

The scale is all over the place, but it is only meant to be seen from a distance anyway


I have been learning about New York architecture, and how their middle and lower class citizens lived during the first half of the 20th century, so I wanted to somewhat showcase that with the bedroom and kitchen part of the apartment:

In my headcanon, this half is the original apartment where our fictional detective would start his business. Then, when they got more clients and enough money to afford it, they bought the apartment next door, merging the two and using the new room and their main office.

There’s also a bathroom, which our protagonist is using as a makeshift dark room:

I think that the apartment itself is finished. I want to make more little areas, like an speakeasy, but I think I’m ready to upload at least this part of the condo, for the moment.

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i am so jealous. i kind of suck at apartments/houses.

Ok! You can try the map here:

Give it a look if you want, and tell me what you think!

Alright, I’ve looked through it. Here are my thoughts:

For one, the atmosphere is incredible, it’s not too dark or too bright, (I often struggle with making my condos too dark) and the exterior is beautiful.

The floor plan is simple and effective. I often struggle with making good layouts for apartments, but this feels natural.

The clutter is very well done, there aren’t any spots that feel “empty”. The rugs help a lot with this.

I like the subtle sounds of the gas stove, the shower tub, and the rain.

The use of the bathroom as a dark room is a very fun and creative idea, that feels natural given the setting.

I also like the use of the dresser item to add drawers to these shelves. Very creative:

I only have a few complaints. First of which is the workshop, you could replace most of the workshop with canvas stuff.

Second, while i do like the use of Non-WA wood textures to give the feeling of a wood grain, a lot of the time these wood textures overlap and cause z-fighting, which can be seen on the windows. There’s also an error here involving one side of the fireplace having a different texture rotation compared to the other side, which looks a bit jarring:

Also, the bonfire pit’s ring clipping into the wall:

Overall, I’m very impressed, and also very jealous of this condo. I wish I could make something so impressive in such a short amount of time.

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Thank you for your imput! Ye the editor is a bit wonky and keeps messign with the textures, specially the wood ones. I will take a look at it.

The problem with the workshop items is that there are not that many period appropiate props in the current lineup (also please give us a proper office desk). I’m personally not a big fan of overusing workshop items, but in this case I was a bit forced to do so. I will see if I find a good replacement if it doesnt look too bad.

Thank you for your input!

A lot of the workshop props you could easily replace with ones made of canvas shapes. The only hard ones would be stuff like the stove, or the gun and hat, stuff like that.

Alrighty, I fixed those texture and clipping errors. I also follow the advice of GoopGoop, and replaced some of the workshop items with copies made out of canvas objects, specially in the kitchen: