Condo, missing items

Okey so i was about to make my condo sweet as hell and i was spending all my cash, but now after a game of zombie massacra alot of my items was lost. it is windows and glass some pots lamps and posters, i was really beigen happy about this game but if i loos my stuff i wont play it, (my items is not in my inventory or valut) Please help admin,


I’ve had the same issue and havent gotten a reply in a week, Im assuming they might be busy working on TU. Mac’s also on his honeymoon, so I doubt he has the time to reset them atm

I’ve got this stupid issue aswell, I made a topic about it aswell.

Well I guess it’s a matter of waiting now

I’m necro-ing, I’m sorry.

Just wanted to point out that I’ve moved this from Bug Reports to Support/Questions to keep things tidy.