Condo layouts to download from workshop

Just like the title says.
Layouts for condos that we can download from workshop

And one thing to clear up
To use the certian layout, you need to have all the items in our inventory to be able to load it

Could you describe your suggestion a bit more, as “layouts” doesn’t really make much sense to me without any context.

I’m assuming he means presets, like being able to save your condo’s as presets then choosing to upload your condo preset to the workshop.

My guess at least.

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You’re right

I’d rather this not be implemented. You know the 1000s of cheap game saves that you find on the Gmod Workshop?

To save the Tower Unite Workshop from getting cluttered with trash like that, perhaps leave condo sharing at two people sharing condo data files outside of Workshop so the Workshop can have higher-quality mods, as in, mods that affect the game in some way instead of just adding a layout of base game items for a condo.

Though, if by miracle the Condo layouts shared aren’t 60% trash, I can see how having updates to subscribed community-made furniture layouts would be beneficial. It would be quite a shopping list to get all of the necessary items though, and not to mention those exclusives not everyone gets to have.


I changed this to workshop suggestions.

We have plans for Condo workshop stuff. I would wait for that announcement.


it belongs to normal suggestions…
“workshop suggestions” is for suggesting mods and custom content to the modders