Condo Laser Tag Set / Paintball Guns?

I’ll get right to the point.
Why not, as a sort of luxury, high-priced item, have a laser tag set for your condo, or maybe placeable paintball guns (if you want the laser tag thing to be exclusive to the boardwalk)?
My thinking behind this idea is that it would be a fun way to interact with your guests more in your condo - I mean, the Runescape boxing ring was pretty fun, yeah? Also, I think this would synergize well with the condo editor coming in the near/far future, like people could design arenas for it.

What do you think?


Sounds really pointless, tbh. Why would you want to play lasertag in a small and cramped condo?

I’m sure that if the condo editor makes an appearance, it would be more useful for lasertag and paintball. Besides, there is a larger outside area of the condo for players to use.


I think this would be cool. Having a button that wipes all paint as well would be needed… Like spending 2000000 units on a sweet condo, just to get covered in paint would be the worsted.