Condo items gone

So this bug is great…

Last night I spent a good amount of time customizing my condo to surprise my friends, I spent a lot of money and now almost 24 hours later all my changes are gone but also some of my old items are gone.

So to try and see if I could get them back I cleaned up my condo but it didn’t work so now I need to replace all of my items (the ones I didn’t lose).

Luckily I still have my rave ball and trophies but two of the biggest TVs dissapered, a nice 3 seated chair, a love bed and some weird beams. I guess you could say this is not a big loss but it is when I have just spent all my money to buy those and surprise my m80s aha.

It has also happened to my friend who is currently called HarryPutter ( )

Anyway, gotta go rebuild. Bye.

Turns out my trophies have gone aswell.