Condo IO Tic Tac Toe with automated scoring (sound warning)

When Condo IO came out, I thought it’d be cool to try to get a basic game working, so I settled on one of the simplest games I could think of: Tic Tac Toe. Started working on this a couple days after Condo IO came out, and probably clocked in 1-2 dozen hours iterating on the design, getting the gameplay loop working properly, and working around the bugs in the current release of IO.


  • Fully automated scoring, with win/tie screens
  • Will rupture your eardrums because airlock doors are very very loud

Workshop ver. (cleaned up and more presentable):


Made an updated version with the new counters/toggles and new relay functionality: now 100% airlock free! Video also kind of actually explains how things work this time.
Probably won’t upload this version to the workshop, though.

Turns out the old version broke with the new update, so updated the workshop upload to the new version.

Me when you showed the connections of the Tic-Tac-Toe game: