Condo in Plaza? and a bit more questions

Wierd title but are Condos going to be connected to the plaza like GMOD tower? And is it still going to be Elevators in Tower Unite?

Kinda boring to go to plaza and then leave and go to condo… I know its just a opt-in alpha and is far from ready
but is this going to be a thing? or du you have to leave everytime…

And one more thing… Is it going to be Public servers or just servers that the players are hosting?

What if they leave and the server going down? It would be alot laggier with the players hosting ping and stuff…

There’s a great stickied topic named “READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A QUESTION”

It’s right here Old Tower Unite Frequently Asked Questions (during Indiegogo)

Yeah, what Cake said. All of your questions are answered in the FAQ. It’s there for a reason.