Condo in moon

that sounds cool right?

More context please? Space station near it, on it, inside it, etc. etc. ???

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I approve
but also you could have posted that here

i’ll post this in there

It’d be cool if from a certain angle you could look down from the moon onto the plaza. The ability to float around in space is also a must.

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not how light works

not how gravity works

I wasn’t aware we were discussing the creation of a real world condo in the real moon. I thought this might have been a video game that contains fantasies such as underwater real estate and being a skeleton, or in your case owning a house and clothing.

no dude, you’re right. devs make floating around in space a thing. it has to at least be allowed in condos. this is a must.

also needed to mention that it doesn’t need to have anything special in space just the ability to be entangled within it. players can add levitating items or whatever which would be awesome. B^)

Of course I’m right. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be interesting and look cool.

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