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Here’s a list of new features mentioned by developers in the live stream and Discord for anyone who missed it (I might’ve missed some things, but this should be the bulk of it):

  • Rather than each Plaza having a different Condo Lobby, the Condo Hub will be a separate server that all Plazas lead into
    • This server can be entered through the main menu as well
  • A brand new appearance, which is an update to an old design from 2015-2016
  • The Condo Hub has an info desk where you can adjust Canvas visibility settings
  • Each opened Condo is assigned a room number and has a physical door in the Condo Hub
    • There are now 68 total doors in the Condo Hub
    • Public condos prioritize lower floors first, for easier access
    • Friends Only and Private Condos are still visible but cannot be entered unless you are friends with the player hosting it
    • If more than 68 public Condos are being hosted at once, they will not have physical doors but can still be entered through a directory screen
      • Private and Friends Only Condos’ doors will be replaced by Public Condos until all 68 doors are Public before this happens, though
  • There is now a large directory screen showing every open Condo
    • This screen can be interacted with; clicking on a Condo will transport you to its front door in the Hub
  • Each Condo map has a different door corresponding to it that appears in the Condo Hub
  • The Condo doors now show the server name and player count above them on a screen
  • More props and details will appear by Condo doors when the Condo has more players in it
    • For example, silhouettes of people in the condo and objects in the Hub will appear
    • When only 1 player is in the Condo, a pair of shoes will appear outside of it and quiet construction noises can be heard
  • A pop-up screen appears by each Condo door where you can send the Host a friend request or block their Condo name from appearing
  • Leaving built-in exit doors in Condos will transport you to the Condo Hub server
    • Condo builders can make any placeable door item lead into the Condo Hub