Condo Furniture Suggestion: Playable Church Organ [Instruments]

I have just recently gotten into playing the organ recently, and I had wondered what it would take for PixelTail to model and code a working organ instrument into Tower Unite. I figure it would look similar in style to this:

It could function exactly the same as the playable piano item, but instead of playing piano sounds, it would play organ sounds. And the sound could be held as long as the user held the selected key down on his/her keyboard. I think there should also be knobs for how much reverb, time delay, and dry-wet delay the user should want to hear with his/her organ sounds, or to change the style of organ sounds, whether church, pipe, rotary, jazz, reed, chapel, or other assorted styles. Some sheet music could include Toccata & Fugue, Christmas carols, or other popular songs that include organ or that would be great to play on organ (That’s Life, Like a Rolling Stone, Hush Deep Purple, etc).

To conclude, I believe a playable organ would be a unique addition to Tower Unite. Please consider adding one to the game, it would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

This. We need this.