Condo Decorations Salesmen

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The original 2009 GMod Tower had two stores that sold Decorations and Building Materials in the hallway near the Suites.
The present day GMod Tower does not have said merchants near the Condos.

So present day GMod Tower goers must leave and checkout of their Condo and run all the way to the market(or teleport near) that sells what they need to decorate their Condo. This is especially annoying with Building Materials since if what you want isn’t exactly the right size you need to leave your Condo and get one that might be the correct size.

Now I don’t know how the Condos will work in Unite, for all I know Merchants might not even exist, but in the event that Condo decorating is similar to what we have now, I hope that a convient Salesman will be near the Condos to provide what we need to decorate.

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I don’t think they’ll move the salesmen around, but I could be wrong. Luckily, with the new condo system, the condo limit was raised from 12 to infinity (each player hosts their own condo via their computer, so there’s no need to wait for reservations), so you won’t need to worry about losing your condo to go get supplies. That being said, I do like the idea of having at least the Building material shop (if not more) available from within your Condo. Perhaps it could be formatted like some sort of online catalog?

Im not saying your idea is bad, but what if you could purchase building materials through a computer in-game? I fell that would be easier and faster.

We’re going to have a condo customization system that should make buying building materials a thing of the past. [condo editor]


On top of materials being solved by the condo editor, we’ll let you buy furniture from the condo as well.

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