Condo Contest: Dino Battle Arena

I started thinking about this while hearing a bit of perspective from @GoopGoop when it came to SDNL’s Dino Battle, and it got me thinking a little bit.

In SDNL’s Dino Battle, the dinos have a plethora of movement options that allow them to easily navigate and clear an entire default map with a few jumps and slashes. Meanwhile, the hunters have infinitely less movement options with the exception of sliding due to the lack of any propelling weapon. This is a good thing, but not with the current maps we have. Most maps appear to be designed being more so built as an arena shooter more than anything else.

After a shower thought, it dawned on me that most of these workshop maps aren’t necessarily Dino Battle focused and can get chaotic extremely fast due to the sheer movement capability they have. That’s where this idea comes into play:

Condo Contest: Dino Battle Arena

With the new possibility of Workshop Maps in Game Worlds, I think it’d make sense to have a condo contest that focuses on creating an equal balance of places for hunters to escape in and corridors for the dinosaurs to slash at them.

We see a lot of SDNL maps in the workshop, but none are really honed into optimizing it for Dino Battle, and hosting a contest might just make a surge of playable and enjoyable Dino Battle maps.