Condo Bugs - Spinning lights not spinning + inventory bug

It seems that the recent update broke two things for me in the condo
First one is the inventory showing all the items I’ve already placed appear as I’ve never placed them. It also duplicates them if I try to place them again

Second is the spinning lights for me it happens with 3 types
the disco lights and the emergency lights are what I’ve tested so far
Stashing them and replacing them seems to fix it, but restarting the condo will either break them again or they will just wont be placed and return to the inventory
here is a video to show it

Sorry if it lags, it didn’t lag for me in-game and I don’t know why it shot the video like this but it still shows the problems

Both bugs have been fixed for the upcoming hotfix.


If I place something and it results in me placing more of an item than I own (by accident or intentional) what will/could happen?

The excess amount of items will be removed automatically.