Concern about backing

Because there is flexible funding (this means the creator keeps the money no matter what), what happens if we don’t reach the goal? PixelTail says that they will not produce TU, so what happens to our money? Do they just keep it and not make TU?

I’m pretty sure they have stated that if they don’t reach their goal, they will still use the money to make the game, but probably at a slower pace considering the goal is for them to work on the game full time, where if it isn’t met at the goal, they will probably have to get jobs to generate a living income.

Really? I’ve heard the state that if they don’t reach the goal, they simply can’t make the game, although I may be wrong :blush:.

I believe that was for Kickstarter where the system is all or nothing. The great thing about Indiegogo is they have flexible funding, so even if the goal isn’t reached, the money still goes to the Dev.

No @Caboose700 , I think @SirParadox is right. My concern still stands.

Yo dis don’t concern me cuz I got awl da mone in da world. It wont be a loss of much.