Computrix's Highrise Update: The Vault


Hello again! With the introduction of the scaling tool came a new range of possibilities for decorating, and I have been busy updating the default condo as well as house, suite, highrise and others to accommodate these new features. Since my highrise showcase thread is a bit old by now here’s a thread specifically for what I’ve now done with the basement.

Welcome to the Vault
No longer is the basement in the sky. I’ve redone things so it feels more underground-ish. Let’s pretend this is about 5 levels below the tower now, a secret and secure location.

The vault update to my highrise condo has jacked the total item count from 2,000 to over 2,800 items. Most of the content is inside the vault so the exterior is a bit more sparse. The sign says to check in with security, so let’s do that.

The small security station, and a control console next to it which presumably operates that massive door.

Wow, it opened! And barely any room to spare! Look at all the stuff inside!

I’ve had this idea for the highrise basement for awhile now but waited for the scaling tool to come out first. It wouldn’t of looked anywhere as neat as this beforehand.

I spent a few million on silver catsacks a few months ago, and while I didn’t get the cosmic catsack I was looking for, I did gain many moneybags, chests, and other items. The vault was a way to display this vast and mostly pointless collection of items in a pleasing way. Now here’s more pictures of shelves.

I had lots of moneybags and treasure but eventually ran out. There’s just so many shelves! So I filled in the rest with mostly crates & boxes and some various other items. I must’ve bought at least 200 crates and boxes each.

And lastly, my updated highrise exterior! No more snow. Now it’s filled with plant life for spring!

Thanks for reading, and come visit anytime my condos are open to see them for yourself!


i looked at the first 2 pictures, my condo is garbage compared to these


Good to see the highrise getting some love. The big vault door makes great use of the scaler tool as well.


How can I ban someone who builds 100,000 times better than me?


Just become a dev for pixeltail and then delete the persons character information game from their server.
P.S Please don’t ever do this (without giving me a billion units first.)

Anyway the vault looks good but to be honest it looks more like an IKEA furniture store than a vault


Yo @Computrix
Printable Unit bill/Foohybux
Here, more money items for your vault, you’re welcome


This condo is really neat, well done.